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Den 23 februari medverkar vi på A week of neighbours med föreläsningen 
Thinking outside the box - Seeking cooperation and mobilizing resources for refugee youth

med James Andersson

Date & time:

23 February 3:00 pm Stockholm time (60 min)

About the lecture:

How and why, we need to collaborate in new ways to help the most vulnerable groups and minorities in a local and global context.
Incorporating all dimensions of Agenda 2030, planetary boundaries and Creating Shared Value through Civil society.  

  • Challenges and opportunities with collaboration – inside and between organizations.

  • Thinking outside the box, moving forward with Agenda 2030 and a sustainable planet.

  • Preserving/evolving democracy and Human Rights.

Project Soulidarity is a collaboration network between civil society organizations, with the main objective of ensuring safe housing, food and psychosocial support for youth left outside state care and welfare.

The primary network consists of representatives from Swedish Church, Red Cross, Fryshuset, Salvation army, Ny Gemenskap, Red Cross Youth Foundation, Stadsmissionen and War Child.